Providing Professional Development and Coaching Services for K-12 Educators

Our Why

Instructional coaching has proven to be an effective way to accelerate instructional improvement efforts. However, instructional coaching roles may not be clearly defined in a school system, causing confusion to coaches, teachers, and administrators alike. It is our vision to support educators in creating, implementing, and sustaining an instructional coaching program that will result in quality instruction and improved student outcomes.

How we can help...

We work with administrators to build new and improve upon existing instructional coaching programs. We can help you determine what skills and qualities are most important when hiring instructional coaches, and we can train them in research and evidenced-based coaching practices.

In order to maximize the teacher-coach relationship, we provide professional development around the process of instructional coaching, so that teachers know what to expect when working with a coach. Topics we explore include: the instructional coaching cycle, getting the most of the teacher-coach relationship, and receiving and utilizing feedback.

We provide training and coaching services around best practices in instructional coaching. Topics we explore include: instructional coaching roles, listening skills, observations, giving quality feedback, coaching conversations and how they differ from other conversations, dealing with resistance, and planning effective professional development.


“This is the PD for academic coaches and districts who seek to improve the sustainability and quality of their coaching practices. Children, teachers, and coaches are the beneficiaries. Julie is well versed in coaching coaches!”

-Diane L.

“This coaching course provides you with all the tools and strategies needed to effectively enhance teacher practice. I finished this course feeling confident and prepared with a plan to implement this into my school setting!”

-Alyssa R.

“Julie is a wonderful presenter. In addition to learning about coaching, I am learning new strategies to engage participants in professional development. She has created a comfortable community each session.”

-Margie B.

“The professional development conducted by Julie was informative, interactive, and relevant to the profession of coaching. She provides participants with a wealth of useful information that can be easily implemented.”

-Maryann H.

“Julie’s coaching training was thoughtful, well planned and informative. Not only does she deliver an engaging professional development, but she also shares her personal experiences within the field. She’s an invaluable resource.”

-Cindy C.